Alien Space (beyond the known universe)

Digital Space Art is always fun, but sometimes somethings turns out beyond your expectations that may incite an unexpected reaction. Sometimes things are just bizarre. Aftermath 2 is just such an image. It’s a composite with literally hundreds of layers, and probably almost impossible to replicate no matter how talented you are at Photoshop. If I started from scratch and borrowed all the same elements from my space art library, I might come close, but I’d never get exactly the same image or the same feel.

The foreground is an image taken in Arches National Park on a rainy day, and there was enough moisture to almost make the rock glossy. Thus the strange effect. The foreground is of course over saturated, and the colors are shifted to give it an alien appearance. All the other elements can be found in other images I’ve posted. There is one addition not found in my nebulas, and that’s a layer of stormy clouds sandwiched between the nebula and the black background of space. If you like the image, please pass it around.

Michael Atman

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