Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 10)

Devils Garden has been our destination on several occasions, and I suggest going early before sunrise so as not to be tempted to stop along the way, otherwise it takes a long time to get there. Also, it is one of the most popular trails in the park, so it doesn’t take long for the parking to be overflowing. However, I’ve been there when not another sole was around, so it depends upon season. In January, especially if it’s below freezing, the Park isn’t too busy.

Not far from Double O Arch is an overlook (above) that allows you to get a good view of the fins and distant bluffs. One January trek was after a big snow, and although the trail was slightly treacherous, the reward of photographing winter shots was worth it. This was D100 era, so my images aren’t always as detailed as I like. Perhaps some day I’ll own a full frame camera.

Double O storm

I much prefer spring or fall weather in Arches. This particular visit to Double O was so pleasant that I sat there for a good hour as an occasional visitor came and went. This is not far from the beginning of the primitive trail, which is one of my favorite hikes in the Park.

Private Arch

Not too far from Double O is Private Arch, which is generally private even on a busy day in the Park. Perhaps it’s not well enough publicized to be a popular destination. It’s a magnificent spot that is slightly boxed in and super quiet.

Devils Needles

On the hike from Private Arch to Landscape Arch, via the primitive trail you will pass fins that stick up like needles. If you are brave you might venture into the labyrinth, but I wouldn’t recommend getting lost since it might take years to find your body.

Landscape Arch

Coming or going, everyone stops at Landscape Arch to ponder how such a sliver of rock can be there. There is enough concern of its collapse that you aren’t supposed to venture too close. Hey, but the fame of being crushed would certainly be worth it.


Tunnel Arch was creating a spotlight on the ground as we hiked out one evening. This was shortly after a rain, and everything seemed lush even though it was mid-October.

If I had no agenda, I often think I could be content just roaming the area. I feel alive and connected to the rocks. The beauty is something I hope we always preserve. I would be a tragedy to live on this Earth and to never be able to visit such magnificent places.

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  1. Wow, the photos of Devils Garden in winter are beautiful. It might be very cold in January. Did you get the photo of Landscape Arch from a high vantage?

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