Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 2)

Not far into Arches you’ll find Courthouse Towers. More often than not they are photographed as a grouping. There are really a limited number of pull offs, and that is typically where the vast majority of images are taken. To find the unusual perspective means you will have to hike.

Most visitors are so afraid of stepping on the cryptobiotic soil that they avoid going anywhere. The truth is that the soil can easily be avoided by walking in washes or on solid rock. There is a lot of solid rock near the Courthouse Towers, not that I’m encouraging everyone to tromp wherever they please. Someday some authority is going to point to footprints that are doing damage and then all the visitors will be confined just to trails, so please, if you hike be careful.

If you get out of your car, which I highly recommend, notice all the pockets in the solid rock that form pools when it rains. If by chance it’s rained, be sure to squat down or get on your stomach and look for reflections.

By hiking east, probably less than a mile you can cut behind the organ or the pipe organ, and further north, the tower of babble. These two magnificent structures are worth hours of study. Sunrise shots are particularly interesting from the east.

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