Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 4)

If Delicate Arch is the number one attraction in Utah, Balanced Rock isn’t far behind. Midway into Arches, the icon is only yards away from the highway. I’ve never found it all that big of an attraction, and because of its proportions, difficult to photograph.

I’ve had fun in Photoshop making it topple, I’ve taken reflections shots every place I could find a puddle, I’ve been there at sunrise and sunset, and yet I’m never pleased with the results. The above composite adds an interesting sky, and the foreground is a puddle I photographed near the Courthouse Towers. Although somewhat unique from the thousands of picture you can find on the Internet, I can’t say I rank it very high with other favorite shots in the park.

Balanced Rock Profile

Still, if you’ve never been to Arches it’s probably a sight you’ll want to photograph. Besides, who knows how much longer it will be there.

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