Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 5)

Just down the road from Balanced Rock you turn into the windows area. My favorite place in the park for sunset shots is the Garden of Eden. It will be your first stop on the way to North and South Window. I’ve never been to the Garden of Eden at sunrise because I figure it would all be in shadows, but perhaps some day I’ll check it out.

The first shot (above) is from a distance to give a perspective of how the “Garden of Eden” sits between Balanced Rock to the left and the windows area to the right. The distant thunderhead was taken in Pueblo, Co.

AP Winter Torch

The winter shot is a favorite, the snow contrasting the brilliant red glow in the rocks, and the evening color in the clouds. This is an early composite titled “Winter Torch”.

AP Eden Sunset

As I mentioned, this is a favorite place for sunsets. “Eden Sunset” was one of those shots that was greatly enhanced by finding a sky with radial rays. Rather than creating a silhouette, I left enough detail in the rocks to see the terrain.

AP Eden Tranquility

“Eden Tranquility” is more subdued, the rocks catching the last hint of light as the sun disappeared on the horizon. The La Sals can just be seen on the horizon.

AP Eden Twilight

“Eden Twilight” is actually a park sunset, just that it was from the night before at another location. I like the curvature of the clouds and how they framed the rock.

AP Evening Highlights

“Evening Highlights” is the same angle of shot, just taken near the Cove of Caves on a hike back from the windows area. The sunset was taken near our home in Loveland, Co on an evening stroll.

AP Kissing Arch 2

“Kissing Arch”, and I have no idea if that is the actual name of the arch, is just a short jaunt from the parking lot to the east. And yes, the rocks really glow red at sunset.

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