Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 6)

I find in many of my trips to the windows area, that plans take me to North and South window first, then Turret Arch, and back to the Garden of Eden for sunset. In all of my visits, I think I have only lingered at the windows twice at sunset, and of course Turret Arch is best shot at sunrise, which I have never done.

Turret Arch sets alone, which makes it an oddity since the vast majority of the arches in the park are nestled in the fins. Turret Arch looks much like a big gun perched on a battleship, however, it apparently got its name because someone thought it looked like a turret or tower on a castle.

The first shot (above) is the Grandview. This is a composite of three images, two merged side by side plus the dark clouds, which I blended into the existing sky. This shot is from the Garden on Eden with a 300 mm telephoto, although I’m not sure I was zoomed all the way out.

Turret Arch Midday

The southeast face is a less common shot, but shows the jutting turret from under the way it points. I was particularly pleased with the detail since the angle of light was quite harsh. This is composited with a Loveland sky.

Turret Arch Reflection

Turret Arch Reflection is not really a reflection, although the puddle wasn’t too far away, just not in the right location to get the arch. This is one of those composites that requires careful blending to make the foreground look like it belongs. The sky and reflection are additional layers.

Turret Arch Back

The back face of Turret Arch with the thunderhead is actually not an attractive angle, but it gives you a less common view so you get a better idea of the overall shape. It would be interesting to make Turret Arch the subject of an all day shoot. More of the windows area to follow.

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