Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 7)

I have walked the road from the Garden of Eden to North and South Window a number of times. I have also ventured to the west, onto the petrified dunes. There are numerous places to traverse that give the windows area a different perspective. Like most photographers, I’m always looking for something a little different.

The Cove of Caves (above) is set between the Garden of Eden and Elephant Rock, with the west window of Double Arch on the far right and not visible in this shot. In October, the angle of the sun casts the north wall in shadow.

Double Arch west window

Double Arch, as seen from the Cove of Caves has very few features as compared to the opposite side, which exposes the half open ceiling. This shot was taken while walking from North Window back to the Garden of Eden.

Double Arch sunset

Double Arch from the south side is really quite spectacular. It looms above, and creates a huge atrium that is fun to climb. This shot is with a 12 mm lens, and still I was unable to get as wide a shot as I wanted.


Although it is possible to get the sky to show through both North and South Window, I preferred this shot which shows a broader view of the fin. The thunderhead is typical weather on the eastern planes of Colorado.

Windows Sunrise

The sunrise composite of the windows area comes from my 2006 collection, so is among the first of my composites. I reworked it a little to add some highlights. It is still a favorite, although probably not good enough quality to make a 30 inch print.

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