Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 8)

Chances are if you’re in Arches, you’ll venture to Delicate Arch, although some aren’t prepared for the climb, which is slightly strenuous. Not so many years ago my daughter accompanied us on a trip, and she being a fitness nut had me running up the slickrock. Keeping fit enough to do such things is important, but age is definitely catching up with me.

I’ve been there with a lot of different people, and few will crawl around the arch or walk the rim of the bowl. Everyone calls me a mountain goat since I willing traverse the landscape with little apprehension. It’s not that it’s not scary in places, but the rock is amazing to walk on as long as you are careful. Climbing out to the overlook to get the backside Grandview (above) will give you a shot few people take.

Delicate Arch Back View

I love my 12mm lens for close-ups, and have shots of both sides of the arch looking up. The backside actually has more features.

Delicate Arch underview

Crows or ravens are a common sight in Arches, however this shot of a blackbird was actually taken at Vedauwoo in Wyoming. No doubt birds fly around the arch, but I doubt one in a million photographers would be this lucky.

Delicate Arch Night

I suppose it might be fun to visit Delicate Arch at night, but since I haven’t I’m only speculating on what it might look like. Delicate Arch Night is a composite of artificial stars, including the Milky Way. The moon and landscape are real shots, and with a little manipulation in Photoshop, I think it creates a believable effect, although I doubt the snow-covered La Sals would standout so bright.

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  1. Stunning photos of Delicate Arch! Love the lighting and dramatic clouds.The composite image is nice, too. I agree with you that the snow on La Sal Mountains is a bit bright for a night scene. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

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