Arches National Park Photo Guide: The path most traveled (part 9)

Depending upon the time of day, or if you pass up Delicate Arch altogether, your next destination will probably be Devil’s Garden. We’ll pass up Fiery Furnace because you need a permit to go there, although you may want to stop at the overview.

The stretch of road to Devil’s Garden passes fields of fins, huge jutting rocks that seem to go on forever. One of my award winning photos, “Winter Sentinels” (above) was taken in the winter, and is a prime example of what you’ll see.

Devils Brew

There is an all day hike to Clover Canyon, which is a fun trip if you want to be alone, but not far on the trail from the road I got another favorite shot called “Devil’s Brew.” This highlights some foliage, and a weird cloud formation I shot in Colorado.

Fiery Furnace Overveiw

For sunset shots, along the road is my second favorite place to shoot after the Garden of Eden. The first shot is “Fiery Furnace Overview”, which is actually far enough past that you just see just the tops of the “Fiery Furnace” fins in the distance as you look at the La Sal Mountains. You can easily have an hour of good light here.

Evening Flair

The last shot is very similar to the shot before in a slightly different location, but as you will notice shows the same group of fins. “Evening Flair” was a best of show from the Loveland Photographic Society.

There is only one more stop to go in this series. Devil’s Garden is really a full day of hiking just to see the highlights. I’ve been as far as Dark Angel, but that was before I had my D200. After this series we’ll do the path least traveled, and I’ll show you what’s in store for the more adventuresome.

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