Arches National Park Photo Guide: Off the beaten path (part 3)

I have visited Klondike Bluffs a dozen times I’m sure, and I have hiked to its core from every direction. If you have a high clearance 4×4, you can drive directly to tower arch, but you see so much more if you hike. However you go, be assured you are in for a treat.

Entering from the Salt Valley Road, a short climb from the Tower Arch Trailhead parking lot will bring you to a ridge and a view of a wall of rock filled with white-capped pinnacles. Sunrise is particularly spectacular as depicted in Klondike First Light.

KB Marching Men Sunrise

The southerly flank of rock is called Marching Men, but the inner flank is very similar. The trail to Tower Arch passes between them. There is a loop that will take you south where you can see the front flank. The picture above is from the trail that runs directly to Tower Arch.

KB Klondike Reflection

Perhaps one day I’ll have a GPS in my camera and I will accurately mark where I take each picture. Klondike reflection was also taken south of Tower Arch. However, don’t go looking for the puddle. It isn’t there. I Photoshopped this in from another image that I took about a mile west of this location.

KB Sky Worshipers

Sky Worshipers is also in this general area, further south and west of the previous two images. It’s amazing how much rubble is lying around.

KB Klondike Bluffs 3

This image of the front flank of Marching Men, which is simply labeled Klondike Bluffs 3, was taken from a ridge that sits on the western boarder of the park.

KB Klondike rubble

Klondike Rubble was taken further north and not too far from Tower Arch. This hike was from the wash west of Klondike Bluffs that is famous for dinosaur tracks that remain in the stone.

KB Tower Arch Grandview

Tower Arch Grandview was taken from the approach where I took Klondike Rubble. If you hike from the parking lot as described above, you actually end up walking between fins and end up at the base of the arch.

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