Arches National Park Photo Guide: Off the beaten path (part 6)

Not far from Herdina Park on the southeast end of Klondike Ridge, the first of the tall fins form. The whole area is tilted toward the southwest at a 15 or 20-degree angle. It’s a great place to see where tectonics have been at work.

Standing between two fins, shortly after sunrise, I took Breaking Day (above) on a hike where I was a little too rambunctious. I injured my knee, and hobbled around for weeks afterward. Caution to those that venture there, the climbing up and down is endless.

KR Buff Tuffet

Toward the upper end of one of the ridges I took Buff Tuffet, which seems to be a common formation. The harder layer on top usually shows less erosion than the supporting structure, and thus the mushroom shapes.

KR Blow Sand

Because of erosion there is always blow sand, which is lovely to photograph. Yuccas are great for leaving interesting shadows as seen in this image titled Blow Sand.

KR Copper Cauldron 2

Copper Cauldron is one of my favorite shots of the area. The twisted shape is by far the most bizarre of all the ridges. The trees in the bottom aren’t huge, none probably more than ten foot tall, but still is gives you some sense of how immense these slabs of rock really are. Klondike Bluffs is in the distance.

KR Blazing Glory

Blazing Glory is a different angle of the same general area. Although colors are enhanced to set the mood to the cloud formations, you will be surprised how the color changes and intensifies under different light throughout the day.

KR Evening Glow

Evening Glow shows the ridge of rock at sunset. This area is much closer to Klondike Bluffs, and is a really great place to enter since there are far fewer fissures to climb through.

KR Evening Reflection

Not far from dinosaur tracks there are places where pools form from the natural drainage. Evening Reflection includes one of the strangest sunset I have ever photographed. Yes it’s real and was taken in Loveland, Colorado near Kinko’s.

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