Arches National Park Photo Guide: Off the beaten path (part 7)

I find it very invigorating to revisit images from most of my photo expeditions because they bring back great memories. Klondike Ridge is just one of those places I’d happily have my ashes scattered, and perhaps my spirit could be its keeper. It’s fortunate that the area didn’t yield enough uranium or some other precious element, otherwise it may have been leveled. Whenever I’m there I say my gratefuls.

There is something special about this next shot in the way it makes me feel. Glory Spire (above) is one of my early composites and also one of my favorites. I used this spire to represent my publishing endeavors, Spire Press, Inc.

KR Wadi Wall

Wadi Wall is another typical ridge in this very unusual area. Had this been anyplace else in the United States, it would have at least been a National Monument, yet here it is relegated to insignificance because it’s just another ridge of rocks among thousands.

KR Fiery Fins

Fiery Fins is another high overview with just the top of the Klondike Bluffs in the distance. I have climbed and traversed many of these ridges, and never really considered that there are sheer drops on both sides of several hundred feet or more.

KR Flapjack Fins

Flapjack Fins are closer to Herdina Park, and give a good sense of the tilt of the area. Also, you can get some idea of how much work it is to cross the area on foot. You really need to love to scramble.

KR Tilted Fins

Tilted Fins shows a good side view with the La Sals in the distance. This shot was taken on the afternoon of my one and only sighting of a mountain lion, and unfortunately I had my 12 mm lens on my camera.

KR Flapjack Fins 2

This second shot of Flapjack Fins gives a better feeling for how high they jut above the landscape. There are numerous fins like those that would be near impossible to climb.

KR Serpent Stare

With good grippy shoes and strong ankles, the layers of strata provide sidewalks to extraordinary places. Serpent Stare, which also looks like a jetliner, is perched at the end of one of many of those high overviews. If you have an affinity to rocks, this is a place that will energize your soul.

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