Autumn Queen

This is one of those composites that took considerable work. This is certainly an image I can’t copyright because of the parts I have borrowed from the Internet. I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph fancy dresses that fit a specific theme like Queens, nor do I have crowns or scepters. I never use images that have copyrights or watermarks, but still you can’t be sure if the artist would make claim for a particular element in the off chance that he or she saw and recognized something like the dress. The girl is a combination of five different models.

Copyright is a sticky issue, and I would happily give credit if it was asked for. I find that few people who post images do so. Images that I do copyright I expect and even hope that people will use them for screensavers. If they use one commercially, I do ask for a link to my site, and that they don’t remove the copyright or alter the image. This particular image will undoubtedly be found by Google, and people will download it. Please note that the background is 100% mine.

So, to the challenge. Light source and shadow are complex problems. I should point out that outdoor portraiture is ofter taken with flash or additional lighting, so when someone states that the face is too will lit for the conditions, you just make the point that artificial light has been added. Besides, this is art, not photography.

Autum Queen

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