While all of the following landscapes would stand alone, it’s always interesting adding the human element in a way that the model also seems to be enjoying the view.

Mattison in Aspen

In the above image, the superimposed model is slightly out of proportion, but in art you do what you want. It would have been easy enough to have chopped off her feet to make her appear closer, but then those fantastic shoes wouldn’t have been visible. I could have also made her much smaller, but look at that hair and that shape. I could have also enlarged and cropped the background, and perhaps I’ll do that as an experiment. For now, this is what you get.

Mattison on Io

Here is the same model in quite a different environment. The foreground is the Bisti in New Mexico. Once again I was looking for the focus to be on the model.


Mattison on Io 2a

Perhaps a dress isn’t totally appropriate to the scene, so here I’ve borrowed the pants and boots from another model and also changed the hue for a different effect. There is no limit to the fun you can have in compositing.

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