Cos Modeling for Mass Effect

I’m afraid to say I’m out of touch. I had no idea that there are conventions where people go to play their favorite characters from video games, comics, and movies. For our FCDCC portrait shoot for August, we had two such models that were acting out parts from Mass Effect. Our models played Miranda Lawson and Commander Shepard. The detail spent on costumes was quite amazing.

Mass Effect comp 1

Above are our pair in a starship about to land on a planet in whatever galaxy this is supposed to take place in. The background composite is borrowed from an illustration I did for Silent Landing.

Mass Effects comp 2

In this composite I used one of my alien planets. The actual rocks are from Monument Valley. This is one of those very busy scenes, but most of the scenes in Mass Effect seem to have tons of things going on. Note the copyright date is from the original composite.

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