Creative Portraiture Landscapes

Photo shoots are generally in a studio and seldom have an interesting backdrop. Thus compositing. The following images bring the subjects into the great outdoors with additional elements.


Approaching is my latest as of 12-09-2015. The engine was taken several years back at the railroad museum in Golden, CO. The tracks are from Loveland. The geese were from a fieldtrip at a wildlife area in east Fort Collins. The prairie is near the Badlands in South Dakota. The girl is from a 2014 photo shoot with the Fort Collins Digital Camera Club.

Courthouse Cowgirl

This is a shot I took of the east wall of Courthouse wash near Ring Arch. The sky is a Colorado sky, and the foreground rocks are from a shot west of Green River on I-70. The horse and rider were on the Navajo Reservation in Monument Valley. The face and hair are from a model shoot with the Loveland Photographic Society from several years back.

Vedauwoo Cowgirl

Vedauwoo is a popular climbing area west of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The foreground flowers are from a meadow several mile east of the rock formation. The sky is Colorado, and the horse and rider are once again from Monument Valley. The model is from another shoot with the Fort Collins Digital Camera Club.

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