Delicate Arch Dazzle with 10 skies to choose from

Sometimes choosing the right sky is simple. Sometimes it’s not. What’s always amazing is how the sky changes the character of the image. Note this is a slightly different angle of Delicate Arch from the previous post.

Delicate Arch dazzle 1

In image one the sunset is one of the most unusual I’ve ever photographed.

Delicate Arch dazzle 2

In Image two is a bank of clouds topped with a thunderhead.

Delicate Arch dazzle 3

In Image three is an unusual array of clouds in the east at sunset.

Delicate Arch dazzle 4

In Image four is a more easterly exposure of clouds catching the setting sun.

Delicate Arch dazzle 5

Image five was a northeasterly exposure that I almost didn’t notice because the westerly exposure was so brilliantly red.

Delicate Arch dazzle 6

In Image six the sky is the aftermath of a storm.

Delicate Arch dazzle 7

In Image seven the sky is more typical in this northeasterly exposure.

Delicate Arch dazzle 8

In Image eight the thunderhead is surrounded by a dark sky.

Delicate Arch dazzle 9

In Image nine the sky has an amazing pattern. This is the same evening as image one.

Delicate Arch dazzle 10

In Image ten there is an unusual puff ball. This is the same evening as image one from a different angle. I haven’t picked my favorite, so I’m hoping for feedback.

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