Digital Space Art: Alien Worlds of the Bisti (part 2)

The landscape in the Bisti is very neutral which actually works quite well for manipulation. Also, the sculpting shows evidence of natural water flows, which also adds character to the strange formations.

In Exploring Bisti (above), I show a lone hiker gazing at a ringed planet, which is partially obscured by clouds. Multiple layers of the sky sandwich the planet to make it appear in a distant plane. To overlay just the clouds, I used color select in Photoshop on one of the layers and removed the blue. I also made a layer and reduced the opacity so that the blue sky also overlaid the planet.

SA Hope Rising

In Hope Rising I used a night sky with one of my newer ringed planets. The distant sun casts some fairly distinct shadows, which appear slightly off angle, but in alien worlds we might conclude that a second sun could be closer and out of the frame. It’s easy to take liberties in Digital Space Art since we are looking at something that we have never seen.

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