Digital Space Art: Alien Worlds of the Bisti (part 3)

Although our stay in the Bisti Badlands was short, the number of usable shots was amazing. As I continue to play, I realize that another trip will have to be added to my agenda. The landscape in the Bisti yields to my alien worlds more than any place I have ever visited.

Bisti Evolution (above) seems a natural place for a lava flow burning its way down natural erosion. This is one of those creations I’ll probably play with, but I couldn’t resist posting this one as soon as I was done.

SA Bisti Moonscape 2

Bisti Moonscape 2 with a close up view of a ringed planet gave me the feeling I might be standing there listening to my breath in a spacesuit. I’m sure I would have been transfixed for hours if the cosmos above was that entrancing.

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