Digital Space Art: Alien Worlds (part 1)

Although beautiful, our moon is the most intriguing feature in the heavens until you start looking deeper. Yet it’s not hard to envision planets that sit with windows to spectacular galaxies or exploding nebula. There are, no doubt, many vantage points in space full of eye candy.

Alien looking landscapes on Earth are not unusual, and of course one of my favorites is the Garden of Eden in Arches National Park. Thus Eden Galaxy (above) shows what it might look like if the Sombrero Galaxy was in close enough proximity to be viewed along with the Milky Way. The entire sky is produced with Photoshop.

Eden Galaxy 2

Imagine what it might look like if Earth were close to M-45, an open star cluster also known as the Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. I also stuck a more distant Sombrero Galaxy tucked in at the bottom. I wonder how much bigger of an attraction space might be if this was what we saw at night?

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