Digital Space Art: Alien Worlds (part 2)

Weathered bluffs near Page Arizona, and the bottom of Hell’s Half Acre in Wyoming make up this alien landscape in Butterfly Nebula Alienscape (above). The planet is a spherized loaf of bread, and Butterfly Nebula was made from smoke. The elements are combined with a star field created in Photoshop.

SA Arctic sunset 7

Artic Sunset is the 7 edition of this layout. Once again this is a composite with multiple layers. I would love to see this hanging on a wall in a 6 foot high print.

SA Alien seascape 4

After creating M-45, commonly known as the Seven Sisters, I couldn’t resist putting it in several landscapes, and especially like it in this seascape of Bandon Beach in Oregon. Note that the forward pillars were added from another exposure. Part of the reflection is real, and part superimposed. I’m only guessing on the amount of compression of the star field.

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