Digital Space Art: Alien Worlds (part 4)

Creating out of the ordinary images is much of the fun with space art. To believe that such places could exist is pure speculation. In art, what does it matter?

Combining bluffs can make for an interesting skyline. It’s hard to imagine that night lighting would allow for such brilliance, but who is to say on an alien planet with an alien atmosphere. Adding the reflection only intensifies the feeling of an otherworldly landscape in Alien Butte 2 (above).

SA Winter Horizon

Winter Horizon is one of those images where I have tried several skies and layouts. This is one of my favorites and is included in my collection on my main website.

SA Desert Stargate

This shot of Herdina Park in Arches National Park was taken on a cloudy morning toward the sun, which created a rather dark foreground that lent well to create a night image. Desert Stargate has a 3 dimensional feel. The moon actually seems to be floating. In my next series I’ll focus on planets in space.

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