Digital Space Art: Fisher Coast

I am in the process of publishing two books on the Art of Digital Space Art. The process has inspired me to create some new images. My latest 2 are panoramas, which I seldom do and will not fit in the format well, so I will not be including them in the new books. However, I’m always anxious to share new work in hopes of getting some feedback.

Fisher Coast is a composite that combines parts from places I would never have guessed I’d use in the same image. Fisher Towers is in the Colorado River Canyon east of Moab. The Bisti Badlands are south of Farmington, New Mexico, and the costal portion is north of San Francisco, California. I overlaid features of Fisher Towers on the formations I used from the Bisti to make the extension of Fisher Towers look plausible. I then distorted that to give it perspective.

Fisher Coast 2

Adding a night sky and dealing with shadows always presents some problems. Where is a light source that creates distinct shadows at night. Fortunately, alien worlds can have multiple moons or distant suns, and part of what you create requires some realization that alien planets are going to look different than Earth, even though I borrow elements from Earth. This is what makes compositing Alien Words so much fun.

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