Digital Space Art: Placing Planets

In photography, you seldom have a choice where all the elements are placed in a photograph. Sure, you can move your camera for a different angle, or sometimes you can move your subject if it’s convenient. In space art, the choices are endless. In the following images, I have over a hundred layers, and thus an infinite number of choices as where to place things. Even my star fields are a number of layers.

Aftermath 3

The series I’m currently working on is titled Aftermath. In these images there are numerous asteroids which we will assume are there because of some cosmic explosion, thus the name of the series. Above is number three, and below is number four. As you can see, the only major difference is the placement of the planet and large moon. The foreground of course represents the surface of another moon that circles the ringed planet. The plane of the planet isn’t particularly important, for moons do not necessarily have to be in that plane.

Aftermath 4

The reason I am posting two such similar images is to get some feedback. Does one image have more appeal because of the location of the planet and moons? Note the very small moon casting a shadow across the rings.

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