Digital Space Art: Planets & Moons

If it were possible to zip around the cosmos, it would be interesting to approach planets and their moons from all different angles, just to get interesting shots. That possibility will depend upon technologies that are near impossible for us to even imagine, although it’s always fun to speculate. No doubt such shots would be awe-inspiring.

The Rings (above) shows a Saturn like planet with moons that are orbiting out of the rings plane. With the sun captured in the inner arc of the rings, the flare laps into the shadow of the big gas planet.

SA Silent Space

In Silent Space, the rings are more horizontal, and a tiny moon casts a distinct shadow across the rings as a sun peeks over the top of the planet. It’s certain ringed planets have a beauty all their own.

SA Bandon Moons

In Bandon Moons, with a distant sun out of the picture, only an arc of light shows on this ringed planet and moons. A nebula snakes across the cosmos in the background, with stars of varying magnitude dotting the blackness.

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