Digital Space Art: Red Cliffs at Night

This is a project I started in 2012, but is my first post for 2013.

Before I get into my project I want relay my most recent problem with trying to stay up to date with software. I just went through some trying times with Adobe. They had a whole group of corrupted license files and my CS6 Extended was in that group. Adobe doesn’t make it easy. Rather than give you an email, they expect you to sit by your phone for hours which I refuse to do. I finally found a forum that was going on for other Adobe customers with the same problem. They were working on a fix, and when they finally had a patch I downloaded it. Unfortunately it didn’t resolve my problem, which was my perpetual license was now a trial version. With one day left I found another Adobe forum for those still having problems, and after explaining my problem, I finally got an email from a real person from Adobe. They had me send my full product number, and a few hours later it was activated and my problem was solved, but what a hassle. I’d go through my pervious problem with selling content on iTunes, but this is a blog about Photo Art. Let me just say that trying to keep websites and blogs and hardware and software up to date is not only expensive, it’s a first class pain in the ass.

red cliffs at night

Red Cliffs at Night is one of those surreal images that makes you feel like you’re on a distant planet. I can still see Luke Skywalker watching the moonrise on Tatooine. Digital Space Art is fun, and I love to see what other artists are doing. Recently, to my surprise, we did a Google check for people worldwide that actually look for digital space art, and it was something like 374 per month. I guess I need to find new tags for my art so more people can find it. Come on space junkies, you have to be out there.

So, from this posting on, Star Wars and Star Trek along with some other sci-fi are going to get tagged.

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