Dubois Hills Photoshop Composite

A nice thing about having a personalized desktop is that you get to see favorite images every time you open your computer. Dubois Hills (2007) is a fairly early foray into compositing. The hills were pretty, but the sky was blah and the foreground was messy. Added are a new sky, some brush, a horse, and of course shadows to make the new elements fit in.

WY Dubois Hills

Although my skills in Photoshop have advanced since this rendition, I can find no reason to alter the composition. It pleases me. The hills are unusually colorful and just the sort of subject I’m always looking for while traveling. This is one of several routes through Wyoming if you visit the Tetons or Yellowstone. Timing such shots is also very important, and as happened, we spent the night in Dubois and got there just before sunset. Wouldn’t it be great if sunsets lasted a couple of hours.

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