Macro Photography and Digital Manipulation

Until I updated this site, I didn’t realize how few macro shots I had added. Review is sometimes a good thing. Above is one of my early composites with insects. Dragonfly Moon was a challenge in that the wings were modeled with background colors, and thus began a tedious process of making them uniform and transparent.

IW Prey Reflection

It’s not often you have a bird of prey pose, but this was during a fieldtrip and the falcon was being held. Added is a reflection of a bird in its eye.

Iris 2014

We grow iris in our yard and were rewarded with this stunning specimen. I find separating the flower from a cluttered background enhances the image.

IW Trumpet

This is from Vail Pass and was taken in a meadow with a million flowers. The extraction process was painstaking.


FCDCC sep after 1

This is an image taken a Spring Creek Garden in Fort Collins, Colorado. Once again it was the extraction process that makes the image stunning.

FCDCC Dragon Fly 1

Dragonflies are a marvelous subject. Typically they are very active and hard to photograph. This early morning shot was cold enough that the dragonfly was motionless and of course covered with sparkling dew.

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