New Space Art

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken time to create in one of my favorite subjects. Space art is a place I don’t worry about getting it perfect. It’s just a matter of do I like it. Here are two new creations.

Northern Reflections

The above is Northern Reflections. The aurora is a Photoshop creation. I have never actually seen them. The star field is from Heavens Reflection. The beach is Bandon Oregon.

Heavens Reflection 2

Here are a couple of rocks and a tree, plus the moon. So happy I didn’t have to create the entire scene from scratch. This is the advantage of building a space library.

Hoodoo reflection 3

I’m on a new quest. This composite uses the shoreline from Bandon, Oregon, the rocks and hoodoo near Page, Arizona, and all the rest is created in Photoshop. Typical of night, rocks are generally washed out, but with all the spectacular color, who can resist having red rocks. More to come soon.

Hoodoo reflection

Here is the same image, slightly altered with a ringed planet and two moons added.

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