Ocean Sunset

This is one of my favorite images, thus the opening screen for this blog. Note the amount of cropping for the slideshow and the full image below.

From time to time it’s fun to do an image just for the surreal beauty. Imagine what it would take to make this shot for real. How often does a sunset come along that’s truly unusual? What are the odds that you’d find rocks on the beach with lichen? Then you’d need a pretty girl in a sexy gown willing to stand where waves are crashing. HDR is a must, and with the wind blowing and hair and gown flying, what are the chances?

Sureal Sunset 3

Isn’t Photoshop fun? The sunset is a favorite I took after a storm in Pueblo, Colorado. The rocks are a small section of the Devil’s Backbone near Loveland, Colorado. The ocean is from an Oregon shot, and the girl is one I manufactured from models. Since I’m not a portrait photographer, I don’t have a lot of images to work from, so the ones I have I alter to fit the feeling I want.

There is something to be said about a beautiful landscape where it appears that someone is enraptured by the image you’re taking, or creating in this case. It makes me want to go up and say hi, isn’t that magnificent? Of course, being a guy, I prefer girls as the subject.

Although I’m now using CS6 Photoshop, I’m approaching such compositions exactly as I did in CS2. CS6 tools are better, but the techniques I’ve developed for compositing seem to work better than masking, which is the way most artists learn to use Photoshop. After all, it’s the end result, not the process that matters.

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