About Michael Atman

MA 2015 900

Hi, My name is Michael Atman

I’m a Writer, Photo and Graphic Artist, Illustrator, and Creator of Space Art!

About Michael Atman: Atman in Hinduism is the principle of life, the individual after enlightenment as in Brahman (from which everything comes and to which it returns). I borrow the name with respect to the philosophy. I am a native Coloradoan, born in 1946 and reared in Fowler, a small farming community on the Arkansas River. My father was a cattle rancher, my mother an artist. I married my high school sweetheart and started Pueblo Precision Products, Inc. before graduating from Colorado State University (Pueblo) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology. I had a thirteen year career as a business owner in the precision machining business, then seventeen years in architectural millwork (New Concepts & Design, Inc.) before forming Spire Press, Inc. in 2000 to self publish. I am currently focusing that enterprise on the Internet. I have been a full-time writer since the inception of Spire Press, Inc. I also create photo-art and as a graphics artist produce book covers and other digital artwork. My wife Patty has collaborated and helped edit my works of fiction. We mostly tend to business and day-to-day obligations, but love to hike and enjoy nature. We have been active for years in several local camera clubs.

As a photo artist and illustrator, I have honed my Photoshop skills to produce all of my creations. Without these skills there would be little sense in me blogging. I believe that great photography begs for great post processing, no matter if you composite or not. I am self taught and thus I don’t do many things the way Adobe might recommend. I endeavor to create so that my composites are as near to flawless as possible. No extraction method yet devised by Adobe can surpass the human eye and the skill of doing manual touchup. My art, especially my space art is created using methods I have honed out of trial and error. I’m willing to share, so please ask questions.

My Skills

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