Portrait Shoot (part 2)

It was a rather rare event to have two male models at our July event. Most guys aren’t into such things, but both our male models were very professional. It’s probably easier for males to get jobs since there isn’t as much competition, and they probably aren’t judged as critically. With girls, if she weighs a pound more than some client wants, tough. As a photographer I try not to judge and I would never say anything to a model about her appearance. I just try and make them look the best I can, and with compositing, you can create about any illusion you want.


In this first example, I wanted a futuristic scene on an alien planet. The suit is from Starship Troopers, and the craft behind is a remake of a design I saw on the Internet, and one of the wavecraft from Silent Landing. The landscape is Hells Half Acre in Wyoming.

Guy and horse

This model just looked like he’d be good with horses. I didn’t ask and he didn’t say, but I had the picture of the horse, and there is a person behind the model. Blending in and getting behind forward objects like the bush and tree can be tricky, but it’s hard to say this isn’t a single shot. I’m sure if you look close enough you’ll notice that the bush has been doubled to cover the fact that the shot of the model was shy of going to the bottom of the canvas.

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