Portrait Shoot (part 3)

vogue mockup

Occasionally I do something that ends up on two of my three blogs. The cover mockups I’ve done are also on my Fiction with Foresight blog. Because I do book covers and illustrations, I felt these needed to be both places. Above is my Vogue mockup. I always hope this is as fun for the model. I have no clue what Vogue Magazine might think.

Cosmo mockup

So, if you do one you have to do two, right? This sexy dress cried to be on Cosmopolitan, which is much more risqué than Vogue. Something for everyone.

FCDCC Kill Bill

This mockup is from an older shoot. My Uma Thurman lookalike did a wonderful job posing for this poster.

Angelic Ways

This mockup was particularly fun because I got to work with an angel. I tried at least ten different skies for a background, and it’s amazing how a different sky gives a different feeling. Perhaps one day I’ll repost this and show some examples.

FCDCC Britney

Here is a CD mockup with a singer we had pose. The hair flip made for an interesting shot.

FCDCC Britony

Here is a second shot with the same model. I prefer the first, but I suppose when it comes to such things as album covers, we all have our favorites. I think some people actually buy such things based on a cover, or packaging. It’s weird how we are influenced.

A Holiday in France 2 cover

Here is a little lady that was charming to work with. I decided to do a mockup of a YA book with a little romance. Sorry, it’s not written. The author doesn’t exist that I know of.

A Holiday in France 2

Here is the full jacket. Maybe someday this young lady will play in the movie.

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