Portrait Shoot (part 4)


This young lady came in a t-shirt. Her mom was the model, but we talked her into posing anyway. What a doll. I hope she doesn’t mind me saying so. This is one of those Sound of Music shots with nature, and I especially like her in the hat and the pretty white dress. The grass in the foreground is composited over the legs of the model that was wearing the dress. The sky is also photoshopped in. All in all, I think it makes a captivating image.

FCDCC female warior

Here is something quite different. We were doing a Harley shoot, and the girls came dressed for the event. Since I’m more partial to dragons than I am to Harley’s, I decided to do this composite with a shield and a headdress. Fun stuff.

FCDCC July comp

I was told that this young lady had an interest in dinosaurs, so I decided to use part of a composite from Silent Landing and add her into the mix. Apparently the dino is her buddy, otherwise she would probably be dinner.

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