Portraiture Photography with people and horses

The Rocky Mountain Lazy J bar S Ranch is a great venue for a photo shoot. This year’s emphasis was on portraiture, and although portraiture isn’t my gig, it’s always fun with exuberant participants. For me it is all about postproduction anyway.

Paige Riding (above) was one of those shots where the background was full of distracting element since the shot was taken inside their outdoor arena. It’s not that it didn’t make a good shot, but with the right background the shot suddenly becomes stunning.

Paige closeup

Paige Closeup was one of my favorite shots. Unfortunately she had just been splattered with mud, so I had to flip out my magic wand and do a little cleaning. These types of shots are a long way from a studio, so postproduction is a must. I love to see Paige’s kinship with horses.

Over the Moon

Part of the morning was spent steeple jumping, and once again the background was very distracting. Over the Moon seemed appropriate since it’s popular in nursery rhymes.

Girl in Yellow

Finding those precious moments is always a way to elevate your professional status. Girl in Yellow is one of those shots that convey a warm message. After studying it some, I’m not sure it wouldn’t benefit from a slight separation between the horses mouth and the girls hairline, which is certainly a possibility with digital postproduction.

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  1. I am wondering if there is a way to see all of the pictures you took of me that day. I was wanting to get some from you.
    If so Please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Also I just wanted to say I had a great time participating in those pictures.



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