I love water for its reflective quality. So much of the time when photographing a pond, lake, river or ocean, the water is too rough or rippled to give a mirror like reflection. In Photoshop it hardly matters. Rotate and flip anything that reflects and make it as sharp or blurred as you want it. Here are 2 recent examples.

Bandon Sunset

The first is Bandon beach in Oregon. This is a mid-afternoon shot, yet lends itself to a sunset shot by darkening the rocks. The light catching the waves adds to the realism. The sunset was taken in Loveland, CO.

Trees at night 3

This is a far more complex image. The star field and sky represent hundreds of layers, although some are combined. The background trees and shoreline are 7 layers plus the reflections of each. The foreground consists of a dead tree and some grass turned mostly white to look like frost. The glow is an after thought since the original composite lacked separation.

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