South Dakota Badlands Sunset

A recent trip to South Dakota allowed me to get some decent shots, but nothing amazing. The weather was decent, light was good, and there were even interesting clouds. However, when the sun set, it wasn’t spectacular. Shortly after getting back to Loveland, Co., I caught a sunset one night that had great color. The problem was the angle of the sun was wrong, so I went back though my library of sunsets and found a similar sunset with the sun at the corner. I combined the two, then took one of my favorite shots of the Badlands and superimposed the landscape over the sunset. The foreground lacked color, so I added some flowers.

While some people scoff at such manipulation, the average photographer can’t be in the field in hopes of capturing a spectacular moment. I’m also pretty sure that the National Parks Service wouldn’t appreciate a photographer setting up flowers in the foreground of his shot. No one will ever get this shot because it can’t be duplicated without manipulation, yet many people will believe it is real. Hope you like it.

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