Space Art Trio

On Deviant Art there is plenty of inspiration to explore new ideas. Space art can be a challenge, and often the results aren’t exactly what I was shooting for. However, sense I put in the effort I’m inclined to share simply because I’ve done the work. Here are the end results of 3 recent attempts.

Hell's Landing

Hell’s landing was by far the simplest. I’ve stretched the aspect ratio of a shot of Hell’s Half Acre in Wyoming. This is the place they filmed Starship Trooper. The saucer is one I originally created for Silent Landing. This is an inverse. The sky is from my library of clouds and the lightning is artificial. There’s an article in my blog about how I create it. The two people are added for dimension, although I can’t be positive of scale. They may be too big, although I’m guessing they are about right.

Forbidding Planet 3

Forbidding Planet 3 is considerably more complex. The large and small moons and stars are all from my space art library, so were already created. The very forward rocks are from the California coast north of San Francisco. The mid rocks from left to near center are from the Bisti in New Mexico. The background bluffs are from near the badlands in South Dakota. This is about 40 layers of compositing and about 8 hours of work. I have other versions that can be seen on Deviant Art.

Bisti City 2

Bisti City 2 was a little less work. The scale is deceiving. The girl should be about 4 times larger. The buildings were originally created for Resurrecting Terra, and here I’ve stretched them to make them taller. The wavecraft was originally created for Silent Wave, my first novel. At this scale the acrylic canopy and detail are lost. For a closer view, see my illustrations from Silent Trek the trilogy. Some, but not all are posted in my fiction blog, which can be linked to from this site.

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