Stars and Nebula in Digital Space Art

Building starscapes seems to have become a monthly diversion. With Photoshop I’ve built a library, and with the accumulation of components I have created, there is no end to the number of combinations that are possible. Yes, it’s seemingly as infinite as space itself, and I’m sure if we were there with a camera, it would be an experience that would be a little demanding to choose your composition. That is why I’m always astounded when I create, for it is difficult to know where to add your components, and perhaps more important, where to stop. Adding stars and the fabulous rich colors of nebulas clouds should be enough, but what about planets, moons, and asteroids? On and on goes the list.

I always find great inspiration from fellow artists that are just as intrigued by the limitless ways of compositing and composing any picture. Some artist are disciplined enough to recognize when enough is enough. Some artists are never satisfied. If you search on the Internet, you will find plenty of examples of both good art and bad art. Even bad art appeals to some people.

Myriad 3

So, here is the challenge. Since my canvas is as infinite as space, what is the magic that makes an image a winner? What elements make an image stand out? How do you produce that image that will WOW your audience?

Myriad 4

In this series, the subject as depicted by the name (Myriad), is many or multitude. There are certainly places in space where it might seem you wouldn’t dare go into warp drive for fear of running into something. Since all three images are on the same subject, if you have an opinion which is most pleasing, I’d like to hear.

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