The “Fiscal Cliff” a composite in CS6 extended

My photo blog is not intended to be political, however, I often find I need my Photoshop skills to create images for my OsumPODS and Fiction blogs. Without Photoshop, getting your message across in pictures would be far more difficult. I doubt I’m a good enough artist to even do a really good cartoon, and once again Photoshop would be my software of choice should I decide to turn my work into a cartoon. My depiction of Obama driving a school bus over the fiscal cliff is not a great challenge to composite. Gathering images is typically more difficult than putting them together. In this case, making the image totally believable wasn’t the goal. Catching peoples attention was.

over the cliff

I always have some concern using other photographers images because of copyright. However, Obama images that are free and Royalty Free seem prolific. The problem is when you find one, you’re still not sure if you can use it. I’m willing enough to give other photographers credit, but that isn’t always so straight forward either. Should some photographer get out of sorts, I, like most bloggers would do all I could to appease him. I hope I make it easy enough for people to link back to my blogs if they use my images.

Perhaps a day will come when image sharing is almost automatic. That would be nice. It’s something Google should work on.

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