Vedauwoo Moonrise

Yes, there was a full moon, but the one superimposed is about twice as big. This isn’t to say the real shot wasn’t impressive, just not as much. And of course because the sun hadn’t quite set, the sky wasn’t dark with stars, and there weren’t rocks for my model to stand on, so the picture has changed a little.

Vedauwoo Moonrise

Vedauwoo is an enchanting place in southern Wyoming for those of you who haven’t been there. It’s a favorite place for climbers when the weather is warm. I’m guessing the temperature was about 40 degrees with winds at 15 mph, so it wasn’t particularly pleasant. Thank goodness I wasn’t working with a crybaby model.

Yes, it’s the same exact pose I used in the previous composite. I’m short on girl shots in long flowing dresses. If you’re a girl and want to be superimposed in one of my images, let me know in this post.

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