Vedauwoo Pronghorn with digital frame

Sometimes images just don’t look finished without a frame or border. Sometimes the border can be a thin white or black line. Typically, if I’m going to bother I want something more.

Vedauwoo Pronghorn Reflection wf

Vedauwoo Pronghorn is of course a composite. The separate elements are the sky (background), the rock formations and trees (mid ground), the pond (foreground), the reflection in the pond from the mid ground, the pronghorn, and the pronghorn reflection. I saved a jpeg version of the PSD, then added a double frame, the first at .25 inches on an original 15 inch wide composite, then I added an additional .5 inches. I used a color from the rocks and filled both layers, then on the inner layer used a hard chisel bevel and inner shadow. On the outer frame I used a soft bevel and a canvas pattern.

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