Vedauwoo Sunrise Photoshop Composite

Unusual skies, unusual rocks, and fields of flowers can turn an average shot into something spectacular. Vedauwoo, a popular rock climbing area in Wyoming is west of Cheyenne and east of Laramie. Off season, there is plenty of solitude.

WY Vedauwoo Sunrise 3


This particular shot is about a half mile east of the main entrance. Although the original shot is interesting enough with a dirt path leading to the rocks, adding a foreground of flowers give the shot a pristine feeling. Although the shot was taken on an overcast day, it is easy enough to darken the tones to give it an HDR look with an early morning sunrise. Actually the sky is a sunset taken near my home in Loveland, CO.

Part of what made the shot better was removing the distortion created by using a 12mm lens. It looks more real with the tress standing straight up. Also, after removing the original blah sky, I had to reconstruct the trees. Hope you enjoy.

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