Winter Pond

I always have an eye out for inspiration. Winter isn’t my favorite season, and actually getting out an photographing in nasty weather is a rare event for me. In the following creations I had to go through 4 years of images to come up with enough snowy trees to build the composites. Once built, it was easy enough to switch out the skies.

Winter Pond 3

This is my original. The clouds look like they are caught in the jet stream. There are a total of 9 elements to create this composite, which turns into 16 with the reflections.

Winter Pond 4

This is a bleaker sky from a sunset. I actually removed some of the color.

Winter Pond 5

Here is a winter sunset with enough color to completely change the image.

Winter Pond 6

I can’t resist doing a night scene. The milky way was already built, so it didn’t take long.

Winter Pond 7

Here I’ve added a mountain to the original composite.

Winter Pond 8

Here are more rugged mountains in a square format. This allows for more reflection.

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